Cinematic Due Diligence Researchers (CDDR)

Simplifying film investments … vetting screenplays one at a time.


Cinematic Due Diligence Researchers, Inc. (CDDR) vets screenplays for Fortune 1,000 corporations, institutional investors, and high net worth individuals seeking to fully finance feature film projects as a means of deploying their taxable, retained earnings.

CDDR is not in the business of financing film projects. CDDR provides assessments not guarantees of “spec scripts” that have been read and placed in CDDR’s “vetting pool” due to the quality of the plot and/or character development within the script. CDDR provides
a vital service in bringing together screenplay writers, independent film production companies, film studio executives, film distributors,
and film publicists with prospective film investors.

CDDR’s business model promotes the elimination of the concept of long lists of multiple investors in favor of a few large investors or one principal investor who will form a joint venture production partnership with CDDR’s “sister company,” Momentum Productions, LLP (MP, LLP).

Momentum Productions, LLP will then establish a “hands on,” investment-oriented, LLC for each film project that it co-produces in conjunction with the screenplay writer(s) (or their business/legal representative(s), or the independent film production company in association with one of the six (6) major film studios and their distribution subsidiary to safeguard the investment made by one of CDDR’s / MP, LLP’s clients with the following goals in mind:

  • working closely with film industry veterans to develop and implement a comprehensive, production and distribution-oriented, business plan that will be continually updated to insure positive projections of the monetary volume of box office receipts and ancillary sales in both domestic and foreign markets;
  • enhancing the return on investment (ROI) for CDDR’s client by making sure that there are no cost overruns; and
  • mitigating the risks that have been traditionally associated with investments (exceeding $25 million per project) in the film industry.

At no charge to the screenplay writer(s) or independent film production company, writers and production company executives are encouraged to submit their scripts and production-oriented, business plans with shooting schedules, “letters of intent or attachment,” and budgeted expenditures (preferably exceeding $25 million dollars or more) to CDDR for vetting purposes.  Potential investors as well as screenwriters or independent film production company executives may send inquiries, synopses, completed submission agreements, and other supporting documents as email attachments to:

(Please Note: The facts used herein to express the views of the author are from an opinionated viewpoint and should not be solely relied upon by any reader of this material in formulating or executing an investment strategy. All readers are encouraged to conduct their own research of the data and opinions presented herein before making any commitment to a particular project or a series of projects.)

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